15 Surprising Unknown Facts About Travis Kelce.

1.Musical Prodigy: Travis Kelce is not just a football star; he's also a talented musician. He can play multiple instruments, including the saxophone and piano.

2.Charity Maverick: Kelce is deeply committed to charity work. He founded the "87 & Running Foundation," which supports underprivileged children and families.

3.High School Quarterback: In high school, Kelce played as a quarterback before transitioning to a tight end in college, showcasing his versatility on the field.

4.Siblings in the NFL: Travis isn't the only Kelce in the NFL. His brother, Jason Kelce, is a standout center for the Philadelphia Eagles.

5.Reality TV Appearance: Travis Kelce once starred in a reality dating show called "Catching Kelce," where he searched for love among 50 contestants.

6.Elite Route Runner: Kelce's precise route running skills are often compared to wide receivers, making him a nightmare matchup for defenders.

7.Inspirational Journey: He was a lightly regarded recruit in college and overcame numerous setbacks to become an NFL superstar.

8.Super Bowl Champion: Travis Kelce played a pivotal role in helping the Kansas City Chiefs secure their Super Bowl victory in 2020.

9.Walter Payton NFL Man of the Year Nominee: His philanthropic efforts earned him a nomination for the prestigious Walter Payton NFL Man of the Year award.

10.Fashionista: Kelce is known for his unique sense of style and has made appearances in the fashion world.

11.Pro Bowl Regular: He has been selected to the Pro Bowl multiple times, solidifying his status as one of the NFL's top tight ends.

12.Celebrity Friends: Travis Kelce has a close friendship with actor and comedian Jason Sudeikis, often seen supporting each other at games and events.

13.College Success: While at the University of Cincinnati, Kelce set records for receptions, yards, and touchdowns by a tight end in a single season.

14.Team Player: He's praised not only for his individual skills but also for his selflessness and dedication to his team's success.

15.Secret Talent: Apart from football and music, Kelce is a skilled magician and enjoys performing tricks for his teammates and friends.