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15 facts about Global economic summit (G-20 2023 )

1.Birth of G20: Did you know that the G20 wasn't always a major global forum? It was created in 1999, initially as a response to the Asian financial crisis.

2. Membership Shuffle: The G20 has 19 member countries plus the European Union, making it a dynamic assembly of the world's largest economies.

3. Behind Closed Doors: The G20 meetings are usually held behind closed doors, away from the public eye, and discussions are confidential.

4. G20's Economic Might: These member countries represent over 80% of the world's GDP.

5. Hosting Prestige: The G20 Summit is hosted by a different member country each year, providing a unique opportunity to showcase their culture and diplomacy.

6. Saudi Arabia's First: In 2020, Saudi Arabia hosted the G20 Summit for the first time in its history.

7. Informal Gatherings: G20 leaders often engage in informal discussions, which can sometimes be more productive than the formal meetings.

8. Youth Engagement: The G20 engages with youth via the Y20 Summit, where young leaders discuss global issues and propose solutions.

9. Policy Recommendations: The G20 provides policy recommendations on various global challenges, from climate change to financial stability.

10. G20's Climate Pledge: Member countries committed to reducing their greenhouse gas emissions under the Paris Agreement.

11. Financial Crisis Response: The G20 played a crucial role in stabilizing the global economy during the 2008 financial crisis.

12. Inclusive Growth: It focuses on promoting inclusive economic growth, reducing income inequality, and creating job opportunities

13. The B20 & T20: Business leaders (B20) and think tanks (T20) provide input to the G20 on economic and policy issue

14. Gender Equality: The G20 promotes gender equality and women's economic empowerment.

15. Global Challenges: G20 leaders address pressing global challenges, including public health crises like the COVID-19 pandemic