The police in Romeoville investigating the case

A surprising finding was uncovered by officials conducting a family investigation in a property in the Chicago region. They discovered the bodies of two parents and their two children, and they assume that the authorities are still looking for any clues concerning a probable offender.

The police in Romeoville, Illinois, have asked for witnesses and recommendations, claiming that the fatalities were not the product of homicide or suicide.

Romeoville Police Department’s Deputy Chief, Chris Barn, said that this search was conducted on Sunday night when a family member asked the police for a welfare check because one of the victims had not shown up for work that day.

“We do not believe the perpetrators are among the victims,” they declared at a press briefing on Monday. “This does not appear to be a murder-suicide.”

Three dogs were also found fatally shot at the home, he said.

According to the deputy chief, the parents have been identified as Alberto Roland and Zoraida Bartholomew. It is unclear whether they were married or not, but they were the parents of two children that were impacted.

“They were both unidentified, and Burn, citing the investigation’s’ sensitive nature, declined to reveal their age and gender during the ongoing investigation.”

According to Romeoville police, “sunday on 500 Concord Ave September 17th, at 6 AM, one of the family members did not show up for work, and did not answer any phone calls throughout the day, causing distress among the family members.

Romeoville is about 30 miles southwest of Chicago.

This search was done by officials after 8:43 p.m. The report was submitted on Sunday, according to the department.

Spies believe the shooting occurred at 9 p.m. Burn mentioned it around 5 a.m. on Saturday and Sunday. Why wasn’t totally evident.

The deputy chief said that the police did not believe the neighborhood was in danger because they believe more than 18 hours have elapsed since the crime was committed, but any probable reason was a mystery.

Detectives are actively searching for anyone who may have been involved, and they are depending on witnesses and informants for assistance. The Romeoville Police Department needs to hear from you if you have any information, the police say. In their statement on Monday, they mentioned this.

Barn claimed that no potential attackers are being actively sought out by the police in the vicinity of his home.

We are not actively searching the region for anyone, Barn added.

Although there hasn’t been a single arrest announced, he didn’t think the neighborhood was in danger either.

The family was described as good folks who frequently left the neighborhood by the neighbors, who spoke to news organizations.

According to a neighbor, who spoke to ABC 7 Chicago, “They kept to themselves.” “I truly have no idea. Even though I have a child of my own, I’ve never seen kids playing outside. I honestly have no idea what happened, and it’s terrifying. They were close by.

There were a mother, a father, and a few kids. The parents worked in the backyard, and we would say hello and goodbye, Phillips said to The Times. Nothing strange. Everybody kept to themselves.

The family made an effort to be nice neighbors, according to Carol Love, the neighbor next door, who spoke to the media.

That makes me sad to hear. They were admirable folks. They didn’t bother anyone, contrary to what Carol Love said. She continued, “I hope they find out who did this.

The neighbors mentioned that the family had moved into the house just a few months ago and mostly kept to themselves.

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