Watching the unveiling of superstar football player Lionel Messi in the New York area could cost you as much as a dinner at Peter Luger’s steakhouse – it’s that expensive!

The Saturday inter Miami CF match marks Messi’s first regular season Major League Soccer game, and the demand to witness it has driven ticket prices for the New York Red Bulls to soar nearly 1,000%.

Ticket resale site Vivid Seats told CNN that the average price for this weekend’s game is around $483. The cost of tickets for the MLS team, which plays in Harrison, New Jersey (about half an hour from Manhattan), is significantly higher than the usual $46.

So, if we take a look on VividSeats, we find that the prices for some seats in the first row go up to $3,600. However, you’ll need to purchase all four seats, which adds up to around $15,000. Of course, there are plenty of more affordable seats as well, some of them are as “low” as $345.

According to a representative from VividSeats, Messi’s appearance for the New York Red Bulls is currently the most popular ticket in more than ten years. A ticket for a friendly game against FC Barcelona in July 2022, which had a ticket price of almost $270, was the second most expensive one.

Since Messi joined the 36-year-old American league, ticket costs for his matches have increased. Since his arrival in the United States last month, he has been in the news frequently. He helped Inter Miami win the Leagues Cup this past week, giving the team its first trophy. An annual competition between MLS and Liga MX from Mexico is called the Leagues Cup.

By the end of the week, Messi will be under even more strain. As the season is due to end in October, Inter Miami is working hard to climb out of last place in the MLS standings and potentially make a run at the playoffs.

Beyond the field, “Messi Madness” has also spread. According to Apple, there has been an increase in subscribers to their soccer streaming package since Messi’s addition in July. Additionally, Adidas stated that there will be a backlog of orders until October due to the “unprecedented” demand for Messi’s jersey., a retailer, revealed to CNN on Tuesday that Messi-related items made up eight of the top selling jerseys on its website, including the Argentina uniform and the Inter Miami jersey. The Florida-based team has surpassed Vermont to become the most popular MLS club in every state in America. The jersey for Inter Miami was the best-selling one in Florida prior to his arrival.

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