Trump is facing potential primary challenges in California as Nine members of California’s state legislature have written to the state’s Attorney General, asking whether Donald Trump has been ruled ineligible to run in the next Republican primaries under the 14th Amendment to the United States Constitution.

Many famous legal experts have spoken out against the 14th Amendment, which bars anybody who has taken an oath to protect the Constitution and then engaged in “insurrection or rebellion” from holding any civilian or military office. This indicates that Trump’s re-election to the presidency would be unlawful.

This assertion is based on Trump’s efforts to overturn the results of the 2020 presidential election, during which hundreds of his followers invaded the United States Capitol on January 6, 2021, an incident known as a ‘insurrection’ or ‘riot.’ During his inauguration, Trump pledged to ‘protect, preserve, and defend’ the Constitution.

Ongoing White House investigations of the previous administration’s term, including multiple legal lawsuits, might get exceedingly complex. Republican officials are facing claims in various cases, including making hidden payments to an adult film actress, mishandling classified secrets, and seeking to change the 2020 presidential election by breaking the law, particularly in Georgia.

Trump has not pled guilty in all four cases and has stated that the allegations against him are politically motivated.

On Monday, eight Democratic members of California’s State Assembly and one Democratic member of the State Senate signed a letter to Attorney General Rob Bonta. They asked him in the letter to seek the court’s decision on whether Donald J. Trump should be barred from voting in the presidential primary election in California on March 5, 2024.

USA NEWS MACHINE reached out to Donald Trump via the press inquiry form on his website for comment.

According to a letter filed by State Assembly Member Ivan Lo, Bonta was particularly deployed to seek the court’s view on verifying Mr. Trump’s inability to assume office in light of these circumstances.

A White House official confirmed to The New York Times that the letter was received and that they will ‘internally consider the request.’ ‘It cannot be denied that Donald Trump is engaging in behavior that is unacceptable and unworthy for any leader, let alone the President of the United States,’ they continued. We have no additional comments to make.’

A survey performed earlier this month by the UC Berkeley Institute of Government Studies found that Trump is on track to win all 169 California state legislators in the March 5th primary elections. The reason for this is that he is earning 53% of the vote, and a recent rule change states that if any Republican candidate receives more than 50% of the vote, they automatically receive all of the state’s seats.

In summary, more than 1,200 representatives are required to secure a Republican presidential candidacy. California has the most delegates of any state, so eliminating his votes would be a big loss for the Trump campaign.

If a California court rules that Trump should be removed from the primary ballot, his campaign team will likely file a legal appeal. This could eventually reach the Supreme Court, which now has six conservative justices and only three liberal judges.

William Bode and Michael Stokes Paulsen, conservative-affiliated law professors at Chicago University and St. Thomas University, released a report in August arguing that Trump is ineligible for a second term after the 2020 presidential election due to his “involvement in attempts to overturn the election.”

In August, conservative-affiliated law professors William Bode and Michael Stokes Paulsen of Chicago University and St. Thomas University released a report arguing that Trump is ineligible for a second term after the 2020 presidential election due to his “involvement in attempts to overturn the election.”

While speaking to the US News Machine, former federal prosecutor and partner at the legal firm Adams, Duerk, and Kamensky, Adam Kamensky argued that it is constitutionally prohibited for Trump to serve as President again, even though it’s a strong case, the likelihood of obtaining widespread acceptance is not high.

Respected readers, recently, conservative legal scholars built a clear and compelling case stating that Donald Trump is disqualified to be President under the foundation of the 14th Amendment. This clause prohibits anyone who took part in the insurrection from holding that office. To be clear, the Constitution restricts those born overseas or under the age of 35 kamensky , explained.

However, like with other legal arguments, its practical application is contingent on broad agreement on specific facts. We no longer live in a society where facts and truths fluctuate depending on one’s political viewpoint. While everyone can agree on the underlying constitutional scholarship, there will never be consensus on the facts that should govern how it is applied. As a result, no matter how enticing a legal scholarship is, the chances of it being universally accepted are limited.

Aside from California, efforts to remove Trump using the 14th Amendment are already beginning in Colorado, New Hampshire, Michigan, and Arizona.

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