Danny Masterson, a former television star, was sentenced to 30 years in prison on Thursday, according to multiple reports. This comes after he was accused of sexually assaulting women through the Church of Scientology two decades ago. Masterson was found guilty of rape three months after being accused.

Masterson was sentenced to 30 years in jail by Los Angeles-based Judge Charlene Olmedo, with the possibility of parole after serving a minimum of 25 years. He will also have the option of serving a life sentence in jail.

Masterson was found guilty of rape in two separate cases in June, according to the Associated Press. However, there was some disagreement IMPRESSIVE FACT regarding the third rape allegations, which comprised allegations of sexual assault against a longstanding partner.

After hearing from his lawyers, who urged focusing primarily on the supposed poisonous medications used by the victims in the false case, Olmedo was sentenced by the court. The idea for a fresh case, however, was refused.

Background information

In a retrial involving three victims, a jury in Los Angeles found Masterson, 47, guilty of two counts of rape. When Masterson alleged that the jury foreman had stated something that could have impacted the unanimous verdict, the third count was removed in November, and the incorrect case was declared. Prosecutors then said that Masterson will not be retried on the third rape case. Masterson was arrested in 2020 following a year-long investigation into sexual assault charges made by three women who claimed Masterson raped them in his Hollywood Hills, California residence between 2001 and 2003. Prosecutors claimed that Masterson took advantage of his celebrity as a Church of Scientology member. Scientology attempted to avoid prosecution, while the three women claimed that the Church discouraged them from reporting the occurrences to the authorities. The Church of Scientology has refuted the claims, claiming that the prosecution relied on ‘twisted allegations designed to bias the jury against the defendant’s faith and the Church.


According to the Los Angeles Times, financial sanctions were imposed last year on lawyers Thomas Maserro and Sharon Applebaum, who had represented Masterson before being removed from the case, after the court decided that they had communicated information on the victims with the Church of Scientology. Karen Pov , a Church spokesman, denied the claim, claiming that the Church was not involved in this situation. Text messages and emails exchanged between the victims and the police were among the information in question, as were police reports on occurrences at the victims’ residences, which included identifying and banking information.

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