President Biden will be required to testify in the case if the Department of Justice (DOJ) charges their client with carrying a handgun while abusing drugs, according to a letter written by Hunter Biden’s lawyer Chris Clarke in October 2022.

The legal representation stated, “President Biden will now be a factual witness for the defense in any criminal case unequivocally,” in a 32-page letter that Politico acquired.

The clerk’s remarks came in response to a leak from The Washington Post that claimed federal investigators thought there was sufficient evidence to charge him [Hunter] with making false statements about crimes and gun purchases.

However, political experts are becoming increasingly concerned about the politicization of the Hunter inquiry, particularly in light of former President Donald Trump and Senator Chuck Grassley (R, Iowa). By pitting the President against his own Department of Justice, this may result in political and constitutional ambiguity. This is referenced in the document details on Politico.

Under the terms of the preliminary deal reached with American lawyer David Weiss, Hunter will admit the accusations of misconduct and take part in the pre-trial diversion program in order to have the charges of firearm possession dropped. After that, Hunter was to be given a broad immunity from accusations in the future, including any prospective claims of foreign interference, as claimed by Republican members of Congress.When U.S. District Judge Marilyn Norika questioned the agreement’s unprecedentedly broad exemption, the arrangement was declared invalid in court.

It appears that the petition will dispute the talks and design of the plea bargain and diversion, and Mr. Clark is a direct witness to those problems, a Biden administration official stated in a court filing at the beginning of this week.It is improper for Mr. Clark to continue representing the client in this matter.

David Weiss Hunter will serve as a special counsel in charge of ‘ongoing [federal] investigations’ as well as ‘any other matters that arise from that investigation,’ according to an announcement made by Attorney General Merrick Garland on Friday. This will be in addition to the ‘federal probe’ against Biden.

The fact that Weiss initially consolidated a plea agreement has drawn criticism from prominent Republican senators.

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